What a great year!

2007 has been a fantastic year for our family.

As I sat up on the deck this afternoon, drinking some whisky and watching the last afternoon of the year, I thought about how lucky we are.

I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world, and between us, we have 10 wonderful kids who we like being around.

I work with some brilliant people. I work with some fantastic guys, and we all enjoy what we do.

It’s great to be alive.

To everyone who takes the time to read this – family, friends, partners, clients… thanks so much for helping to make this year a memorable one.

I hope you and your family have a safe, enjoyable, and prosperous 2008!

Christmas Carols, Sydney Style

I was waiting for a flight at Sydney Airport this morning when a spotted a Turkey and a Christmas pudding playing Christmas Carols.

Well, to be more accurate, a couple of musicians dressed up as Christmas Dinner.

They were fantastic, and I managed to capture them quickly on my mobile phone so you could enjoy them too.

Sorry about all my laughing in the background. These guys had me in stitches and it took all my effort to hold the camera relatively still. The Turkey has excellent sax style, and that Pud makes a great clown.

If anyone knows who they really are, please let me know and I’ll give them the credit they deserve.

Update 26 December 2007. These guys are from Wacky Entertainment (http://www.wacky.com.au/). The Turkey’s name is Tom Bastian, and the Pudding’s name is Adam Arnold. They’ve got some great footage on their website if you want to see more. How good would it be to get these guys at your office Xmas party?

An Oriana Original

My Dad, Bruce, was a crew member on the maiden voyage of the original SS Oriana in December 1960.

She held the record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a P&O Ocean Liner, earning her the “Golden Cockerel” trophy.

When I turned up in 1962, Dad had to quit his life on the sea, and start life as a young father.

SS Oriana sailed her last voyage in 1986, and was eventually replaced by MV Oriana in 1995.

MV Oriana is visiting Brisbane in February 2008, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to check her out with Dad, and Mum, and my brother Kevin.
We’re going on a pretty short cruise from Brisbane to Sydney. I don’t really care where she goes, whether it rains, or how rough it is. For me, the fun thing will be experiencing Oriana with Dad, Mum and Kev.
The last time I was on a ship with Mum and Dad was in 1965. So that’s a long time between drinks!

Lean on Me

Why am I uploading this? I must be crazy.

Here’s a copy of a video that my mate, Simon, took of me singing at the “Pop Stars” Karaoke competion aboard Pacific Star last October.

Simon moves the camera around alot, and even turns it on its side, so the editing was a bit of an ordeal, and I made a massive blooper in the first line of the song. But apart from that it was a hoot.

Thanks, Simon, for doing the recording for me.

Would I do it again? Maybe!

Fleeting glimpses of childhood

A fleeting moment

I spent most of my Sunday playing around on my computer.

It was almost over when I came to my senses and asked the kids of they’d like to go for a walk to the creek.

It was great watching them splash around in the water and listen to their impish laughter.

How beautiful to be there.

How sad that childhood quickly passes.

Please may I have more afternoons like this!

Click here to see the complete set of photos.