Toowoomba to Brisbane

Jubilee Park
Eric has been planning an overnight ride from Toowoomba to Brisbane for the last six months.

I’ve ridden sections of the route with him before and joined a few of those courses together into one big route that he could do in a couple of days. I was unable to do this ride with Eric, but Becca decided to join him on this adventure, and they set off from Toowoomba early in the morning after being dropped off the night before.

The ride started with an exciting descent through Jubilee Park, falling almost 500 metres in the space of 8km. When your ride has such a big descent at the start you know you’re going to have to repay it at some stage.
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Glasshouse Mountains

Riding Through the Pine Forest
“Let’s just do an easy cruise through the Glass House Mountains”, Darb suggested a couple of days before the weekend.

We’ve had some fun adventures there before, and I agreed with him that it might be fun to pay this scenic volcanic caldera another visit – provided we didn’t have to work too hard.

As often happens, our “cruise” wasn’t as easy as we had anticipated.
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Chilling at Kobble Creek

Chilling in the Creek
With temperatures predicted to exceed 40C (104 F) we thought the best approach for today’s ride would be something short that involved cooling off in a creek somewhere.

I also wanted to map out some of the fun trails near the western shoreline of Lake Samsonvale.

So we set off early with no route in mind, planning to follow any un-ridden trails we encountered before finishing at Kobble Creek
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Bayview Single Tracks
For the first ride of the year, my friend Dean invited Darb and me to ride with him on some of his favourite trails at Bayview Conservation Park in Redlands between Mount Cotton and Redland Bay.

I’m pretty used to riding off-road for half a day in rough country, but there’s something really challenging about riding nothing but single-tracks. They’re narrower and more physically demanding than fire trails and gravel roads, but they’re a lot of fun.
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