This is a list of recent changes to the site, for my benefit, to keep track of what has been happening.

Newest changes appear first.



  • Completely forgot about this page 🙂
  • Upgraded theme for a more responsive layout.
  • Changed tagline.


  • Updated plugins: Jetpack, WP Offload
  • Patched Jetpack Minileven theme.


  • Published “Kholo
  • Updated Ride Network


  • Published “Gold and Mermaids
  • Updated plugins: Jetpack, AWS, WP Offload
  • Patched Jetpack Minileven theme.
  • Updated Ride Network and All Rides maps.


  • Updated JetPack plugin and patched Minileven theme.
  • Updated Geo-Mashup plugin and patched “kml” add-on.


  • Published “Harlin
  • Changed “All Rides” map to use Geo-Mashup plugin so that placemark balloons will show external images.  Google MyMaps doesn’t seem to do it any more.
  • Updated “All Rides” and “Ride Network” maps.


  • Adjusted Left & Right sidebar width to 190px to allow twin 500px-wide pictures to sit next to each other in a post.
  • Updated “Ride Network” map.
  • Updated “All Rides” map.


  • Posted “Yimbun
  • Reactivated Akismet to gag spam parasites.


  • Posted “A Tale of Two Forests
  • Updated “Ride Network” map
  • Updated “All Rides” map
  • Fixed bug in “All Rides” map which didn’t show post thumbnail image in popup window on map.


  • Modified W3TC to not cache desktop page for mobile devices (prevents desktop page being accidentally shown on mobile devices)
  • I’ve included “iPad” as a “Desktop” device because I think its screen is large enough for it.  If you disagree with this, please tell me.



  • Attempt to use external CSS and JS theme files corrupted the layout of the theme.  Reverted to inline CSS and JS.
  • Updated “Ride Network” and “All Rides” maps.



  • Create this page
  • Make this page and “Site Stats” children of the “About” page.
  • Update “Akismet” plugin
  • Update “Geo Mashup” plugin (backup / replace KML mod)
  • Update “Jetpack” plugin. (modify content.php)
  • Delete 2015 & 2016 themes


  • Fix layout problems.  It appears that when editing posts with my phone I unintentionally changed some of the theme parameters which made the site look strange in full screen on desktop browsers.
  • Add final update to Rainbow Beach post.
  • Add track logs to Rainbow Beach post.
  • Backup Atahualpa Theme Options