Laceys Creek Mega Loop

Riding Buddies
Riding Buddies
I’ve been thinking about this ride for weeks. Basically I wanted an enjoyable dirt ride which would let me get from Mount Glorious, up in the D’Aguilar Ranges down to Dayboro, and back home. A friend of mine (Russel) suggested a route, so I fed it into the GPS, talked Simon into coming with me, and set out on another hare-brained adventure.

The first part of our trip was from home to Samford, up the Goat Track, then to Mount Glorious, and Wivenhoe Outlook. That first stage was just over 50km.

Westridge Outlook Panorama
The view from Westridge Outlook on the first part of the ride.

Then we hit the dirt and headed down the hill towards Lacey’s Creek and Dayboro. The track undulates for 5 or 6 km and has some amazing views..
Laceys Creek Road
Laceys Creek Road

Then the track suddenly drops 500m in elevation over 5km. That’s the exciting bit ๐Ÿ™‚ The only problem was that by the time I’d got to the bottom, my brakes were so hot they were smoking.

Don't Give Up!
Simon demonstrates the number one rule about climbing hills. It doesn’t matter how steep or tough they are – don’t give up!

I’d really like to do this again sometime. All up we rode 102km. Total ascent for the ride was 2,100m, and I burned 6,300kcal which is the equivalent of 13 Big Macs.

Total distance: 104.3 km
Max elevation: 801 m
Min elevation: 35 m
Total climbing: 2249 m
Total descent: -2257 m
Average speed: 17.20 km/h
Total time: 09:50:56
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Laceys Creek Mega Loop
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5 Replies to “Laceys Creek Mega Loop”

  1. Hey mate, cool pics and write ups. What is the condition of the fire trail down like? I am intending on hitting it with a road bike this weekend..dunno if its a bad idea or not! I’d appreciate any info. If it’s like the photo of Simon riding up the hill then that would be sweet, but if its knobbly rock and berms then I might struggle….


    1. Hi Eric
      It’s pretty much a dirt fire trail.
      You’d manage it comfortably on a CX bike. It might feel a bit bumpy on a normal road bike though.
      I’ve driven Laceys Creek Road in a 2WD sedan with no problems. It’s steep and loose, but there are no large rocks.
      As with most of this stuff, the trail is rough in spots, but if you’re used to gravel grinding I think you’d manage it.
      Just take care on the descents – it goes down a bloody long way ๐Ÿ™‚

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