Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo Summit
The kids were a bit restless this morning, so we decided to burn up some of their excess energy by taking them on a hike. We drove up into the D’Aguilar Ranges and hiked from the road to the Summit of Mount Nebo (620m) and back – a total of about 6.5km.

We followed a forestry fire trail for about 2.5km to the summit, and came back via a walking track on the southern side of the ridge, which meant we were able to check out a number of different ecosystems.
Liz and the KidsNeil at Mt Nebo
Lilly in a Tree StumpMount Nebo Walking Track

It’s a different world in the rainforest. Worries seem far away!
Palm Forest

Let’s do this again soon 🙂

Total distance: 6.32 km
Max elevation: 607 m
Min elevation: 493 m
Total climbing: 318 m
Total descent: -287 m
Average speed: 4.11 km/h
Total Time: 01:48:10
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