North Pine River. Then and Now.

North Pine River. Then and Now.

Local historian and friend Leith Barter recently sent me a copy of a photo taken near the bottom of my street around 1930.

The footbridge was built to allow local children to get to North Pine (Petrie) State School school on the other side of the river, without having to go all the way down to Gympie Road and back again.

Harrison and I went out exploring today to see if we could find where the photo was taken so we could get a “then” and “now” photo.

North Pine River. Then and Now.North Pine River. Then and Now.North Pine River. Then and Now.

4 comments to North Pine River. Then and Now.

  • Hi Neil,
    You are taking now and then photos! Are you going to participate in the ABC Open project? I hope so. Please email me.

  • David Graham

    Hi Neil,

    Had some fun looking at the photos. Was wondering if yourself or Leith Barter has a map showing the borders of the acclimatisation society property and the subsequent dairy farm? I live in Greenaway Street. Would like to know how close the property came. I assume that Alsopp Park and Street were part of the original society land but have not been able to locate any maps.



  • G’day David

    You and I must almost be neighbors 🙂

    I’ll get in touch with Leith and the council and see if I can find out for you. I’ve been waiting for a pretext to ask them for an old survey plan of our area.

    Stay tuned and I’ll let you know what I find out.


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