Cycling at the Racetrack

Cycling at the Racetrack

Cycling at the race-track (2)Cycling at the race-track (1)

The Moreton Bay council organized a cycling morning at Lakeside Raceway this morning.

Between 6.30 and 8.30am cyclists were allowed around the track, and we got a free drink at the end of the morning too.

At first I got a bit frustrated that Lilly was going so slow till I realized she had a flat front tyre. (Silly Neil). So I pumped it up and she flew. When she took the "kids shortcut" that cut out one of the hills, I had trouble keeping up with her.

I think it’s great that the council is organizing things like this. And it was good to see at least one of our local councillors, David Dwyer, out on the track in his bright yellow spandex. Good on ya David!

The second best thing about the ride this morning was being on bitumen and not having to worry about cars.

The best thing was having some fun exercise with the kids.

If you’re looking for a fun way to get fit, buy a bike!

Exploring with Dad

Exploring with Dad

“Dad, when I get older will you get me a real bike?”

“Sure, Lilly. What sort do you want?”

“One of those cool bikes like what Harrison has with gears?”

“Yeah, why not!”

Lilly did really well today on her pint-sized bike as we went up and down the hills near our house and checked out some of the local parks near the river, including the “secret” park.

“Hey Lilly, I think it’s good this park is secret, don’t you?”

“Yeah, so that means the bogans won’t find it”.

I think “bogans” are on the lowest rung of the social ladder in our kids minds.

Thanks for a great lunchtime bike-ride, Lilly!

Be a kid for 60 seconds

Be a kid for 60 seconds

I recorded this tune today just before Sunday Lunch.

Being a kid is a lot of fun, and sometimes you enjoy music more when you suspend your “grown up” mind and just be a child again – even if its only for sixty seconds.

This is a three-part tune I did on the WX5, using Trombone (8), Clarinet (99) and Trumpet (5). If you can pick the tune before the trumpet comes in at 35 seconds, you’re truly a kid at heart!


The Secret Pony

The Secret Pony

Lilly came to me today and read me her partially completed story.

“What else should I write, Daddy?” she asked.

And I replied, “Kids understand magic when they’re your age, but as they grow up most adults forget about it. So I’m not the best person to ask about what to write. You know much more about magic than what I do”.

“But what about Doctor Seuss and Mem Fox”, Lilly retorted. (She’s very astute for her age).

“Ahhh. Doctor Seuss and Mem Fox never forgot what it was like to be a kid”, I answered. “That’s why they’re both so good at what they do”.

Seems like I’ve got a lot of “remembering” to do. Adults are so boring, and such a large part of our lifespan is devoted to being “grown up”. Childhood is so brief….

So brief it makes me want to cry at the tragedy of it all.

“The Secret Pony by Lilly Ennis

Onec upon a time there lived a butyful
girl named cloe. One day when cloe was in the
garden picing strorbries she
found a secret passag throe the garden. it was so butyful. So she wen throe it.
When she got to the end of the secret passag sge sore a pony. It was so butyful.
It had long heir and sparkerling blue eyes. The pony gace her lots of spechal
yummy treats. They played together to but the most imporint thing is that there
friends. The End.”

Don’t forget how to be a kid, Lilly. Once you forget, it’s a long time being a grown-up.