The Big Northside Ride

Today’s ride followed a lazy 110km loop through bushland and bike tracks to the north of Brisbane.

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Harrison and I went for a long slow ride by the water at Redcliffe this morning. The weather was perfect for it, and when your 12 year old son expresses interest in going for a ride with you, it’s important to do something about …

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Redcliffe Easter Ride

Ken and I rode out to Redcliffe to meet everyone else for a picnic. It was a perfect day for it.

For someone who hasn’t ridden more than 10-15km at a time, Ken handled this 60km ride really well.

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Tsunami – Redcliffe Style

Tsunami – Redcliffe Style

All of South-Eastern Australia was on a tsunami alert this morning after the earthquake in Chile. On the hill behind this makeshift sign a lone TV cameraman sat watching the horizon for the scoop of the day which (thankfully) never came.

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More pictures from Redcliffe

Here’s some more pictures from this morning’s ride.

This is the view to the North-West from the Hornibrook Bridge looking towards Hayes Inlet.

And this is a great looking street in Redcliffe with a …

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John Oxley Memorial

Some pictures from our ride to Redcliffe this morning.

“On the morning of July 17th 1799 Lt MATTHEW FLINDERS landed near this spot from the Sloop Norfolk and called it Red Cliff Point He was the first …

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To Redcliffe and Back Before Breakfast

Lachlan and I rode out from Lawnton along Anzac Avenue to the Redcliffe peninsular this morning. We followed it around to Woody point, over the old Hornibrook Bridge, and back via Deagon, Bracken Ridge …

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Redcliffe Sunset

I never thought you’d be able to see the sun set over the water in South-East Queensland, considering the fact that it’s on the east coast of Australia. I took this photo of the sunset from Scarborough on the northern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula across the road from the Marina, looking north-west …

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