Bunya Mountains

Our family decided to go to the Bunya Mountains for a short break, so I brought my bike and did some exploring of this beautiful part of the world.

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Butcher Bird

Here’s a few photos I took of a juvenile Grey Butcher Bird (Cracticus torquatus) sitting in a tree at our place this morning.

They have a beautiful song, and are quite agressive in the nesting season. Birds often attack cyclists in the nesting season. A Plover …

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Why Ride?

For my first ride of 2013 I decided on a short tough ride through the familiar trails of Clear Mountain. It has a bit of everything – winding single track, thick forest, fast firetrail descents and tough climbs.

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The Bump Track

We were staying at Palm Cove between Cairns and Port Douglas to watch the Total Solar Eclipse, which provided an ideal opportunity to explore the spectacular rainforest inland from the coast.

Being an adventurous soul, I thought I’d just hop on the bike and …

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I took Liz’s Canon Powershot camera on my bike ride today in the hope I might spot some wildlife near the dam. As though responding to some cue, these eagles started soaring overhead while I rolled along underneath with my eyes pointing upwards …

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Lizard at home

Lizard at home Originally uploaded by MagicTyger

This magnificent lizard has been living at our place for the last few years.

I caught him limping around the other day. It appears he’d been in a fight with either a cat or another lizard, and wasn’t walking very well.

So I …

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Possum Visitor

Possum Visitor Originally uploaded by MagicTyger

This little visitor decided to visit us at night and scavenge left over food from our deck.

We’ve sometimes caught them grabbing pieces of birthday cake when no one was looking.

Those eyes look almost like LED’s don’t they?

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