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  1. Neil; I’m going thru yer Blog from top to bottom. It’s really amazing. I cycled from Toronto to Augusta Maine in 1982 and also the length of Cape Cod. Quite a spot! Also went thru the C.Cod ship canal a few years later on a cruise to NYC. I have Also ridden my bicycle many times thru Pinkenba to Luggage Point, often in the late arvo/ early evening- lotza cane toads! In those days the road was quiet- truckies used to gather at the Pinkenba Pub on a Thursday evening… I migrated in the 80’s from Canada, so all this rings a Bell! Just ride the dirt nowadays. Cheers Dave

    1. Wow Dave, that sounds amazing.
      My connection to Pinkenba was that it was where we disambarked in the 1960’s when we migrated here.
      Your journey proves one important point. All roads eventually lead to riding on dirt 🙂

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