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  1. Hi Neil,

    I have really enjoyed your muslings , enternating and a great source of information.
    I went exporing up Gambubal Rd to get to the view of the steamers. However at the last stretch there was a signs saying private property and to contact a mobile number. There is no phone reception out there so I couldn’t call. The gateway was one of those open ones with no gate to open or close. But there was a log placed across it as a make shift barrier. Do you know anything about getting access to that viewing point? I should have copied the number down while i was there.

    Thanks in advance

  2. hi there, i have just purchased a property at Laceys creek, i was doing a google search for old maps of the area which brought me to you blog. Such interesting information about the area! i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of getting a copy of an older map of the area as i would like to get it blown up and framed? i Did look up Leith Barter to contact but sadly found he has since passed. Thanks for you time Emma Reynolds

    1. Hi Emma
      Yes, Leith Barter was a wonderful man, and a kind friend. It was very sad that he passed away.
      While he was alive, Leith showed me a collection of old “40 Chain Cadastral Maps” at the Strathpine Library in the local history section. The older maps actually have the name of the original landowner on each land parcel, so you’re looking for something originally printed between about 1890 and 1920.
      Leith once offered to let me take one away to Officeworks to get it copied on A1 paper, but I never took him up on the offer.
      Perhaps the current Local History Librarian might let you do this?
      If not, the other option is to identify the map you want at the local library, then download it here:
      You might be able to then get that map printed out at Officeworks.
      The old “Sunmap” used to have a printing service for maps, but I don’t know which state government department that moved to.
      Hope this helps.

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