Sometimes people ask me if they can use my photos on their website or in a book / magazine.

Usually I don’t have any problems with this. Here’s a what to do if you’d like to use my images.


Please contact me via and let me know which images you’d like to use.


If I’ve already shared a photo that you like on Facebook, please feel free to just click “Share”.
All my photos are public, so anything of mine that you want to share will be visible to your friends.

If the photo isn’t there yet, please let me know and I’ll upload it for you.

Please don’t download the photo from my site then upload it to Facebook.
Please don’t download one of my photos from Facebook and re-upload it.
If you do that, it looks like you took the photo, and no one will have any idea where it came from.


  1. ASK. Please don’t just download and use photos. Let me know which images you’d like to use. I will almost always say yes. I just like to be asked first.
  2. SELF-HOST.  Don’t hot-link to my copy of the photo.  This costs me money.  Download a copy from my site, upload it to yours, and use that.
  3. ATTRIBUTE. When you use the photo, please use one of the following attribution methods below the photo:

METHOD 1 (Preferred online method)
(Photo: Neil Ennis)
(Photo: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Neil Ennis</a>)

METHOD 2 (For books, magazines, or when you can’t do links)

So the photo would either look like this:

Under the Rainbow Beach Cliffs
(Photo: Neil Ennis)

Or this:

Under the Rainbow Beach Cliffs