Lake Samsonvale

Lake Samsonvale

I’ve been living here over ten years, and I’ve only just started appreciating the fact that there are two lakes, one river, numerous parks, and miles of tracks within a ten minute bike ride from my front door. Here’s some pics I took during my ride near Lake Samsonvale this morning.

Lake Samsonvale via MTBLake Samsonvale via MTBLake Samsonvale via MTB

Here’s a link to the data from the ride at sports tracker and below is a map of where I went.  The first couple of km got chopped off because I forgot to turn the GPS on 🙂

Cycling by the Lake

Cycling by the Lake

Lake KurwongbaTracks at Lake Kurwongba

I took a few photos of Lake Kurwongbah while I was out cycling this morning.

I’m aiming to find a one hour circuit that is mostly dirt trails, parks and bike paths. I think this is about the closest I’ve come to it. It’s about 95% off-road, which is great! I thought the things to watch out for on the roads were cars, but this morning an agressive magpie smacked me in the side of the helmet. Luckily he bounced off 🙂

I’ve included a map of the trail below.  And here’s a profile of the trail showing my speed and altitude.  This one has a lot of hills, which is why the average speed is a lot lower than some of the other routes I’ve taken.

On yer bike!

I took Steve and Harrison on a bike ride this morning, along the North Pine River, up to Lake Samsonvale, and then back along the North Pine River.

It was a hoot! A little bit slower than normal, because Harrison is only 9 and his bike is a bit worse for wear. But it was fun all the same.

And I got to try out a new program for my Nokia N95 mobile phone. Nokia Sports Tracker Uses the inbuilt GPS on the phone to record speed and height info. While you’re cycling, your N95 acts like a speedo, and odometer, showing you all the vital stats. But when you get home, you click the button, and upload the data to sports tracker.

The really cool thing is that if you take any photos with the phone on your journey, it will upload and geotag them.

So the map on the left here is where we went. You can drag and zoom it if you want more detail.

But the fun part is that the data is also uploaded to the Sportstracker community. Here’s a link to the data for our ride today. If you tick the “altitude” box, you can see every hill, and how fast we were going.

The thing I like most about this technology is that it adds to the fun of getting out and exercising. At times I’ve found it hard to overcome my inertia to regularly exercise. In regards to exercise, if it makes me think “Oh yeah! I want to do that again!” then I think it’s a great thing.

Oh – and you can use Sports Tracker for running, walking, skiing, rowing – whatever floats your boat.

P.S. I’ve ordered a mounting bracket to attach my phone to my handlebars. Till that arrives, I’m using some of Lilly’s hair ties 🙂