WX5 Videos

I just realized that I haven’t shared my WX5 videos here. I did them a while ago and posted them to Youtube but I’m guessing some of you haven’t seen them before. The WX5 is really fun to play because you configure it to sound like a variety (hundreds) of different instruments, and the voices …

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Born to be Wild

Well done, Lilly.

We’re really proud of your performance today at the School Talent Quest.

On stage at the Concert Hall

We got to sit on the stage at the Concert Hall

Yesterday’s concert of Chopin pieces by Natasha Vlassenko was an intimate arrangement where all the seats were on the stage close to the piano.

We were fortunate enough to have front …

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Be a kid for 60 seconds

Jump! by Cuellar

I recorded this tune today just before Sunday Lunch.

Being a kid is a lot of fun, and sometimes you enjoy music more when you suspend your “grown up” mind and just be a child again – even if its only for sixty seconds.

This is …

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Music to Cruise To

Wine With Sunset by Adam Dawson Sunset Behemoth by Evan Leeson

Here’s a Reggae style piece I did recently that was inspired by my love of being on the ocean, aboard a ship.

One of my favourite places / times is …

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