Fun in the Vineyard

Our friends, James and Stephanie, are lucky enough to live on the edge of a vineyard on the edge of the hill at Oceanview. We enjoyed some wonderful views this afternoon while the kids had a great time rolling down the hill between the …

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Kidnapping the Neighbors Kids

Our kids had a visit from a couple of their friends this morning.

Rather than let them sit around playing computer games, we bundled them into the van and took them on a couple of hikes. (After checking that it was ok to kidnap a couple of extra kids. Thanks Renea!)

The first hike was …

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Fun at the Spillway

I thought I’d take the boys for a ride around some of the locally flooded creeks.

Here’s some photos of them having fun.

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Pot Luck Fun

A few random pictures from a fun weekend.

We celebrated Josh’s 21st birthday on Sunday afternoon. I had a great time chilling out and watching the kids play basketball.

So did the girls 🙂

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Coolum Beach at Sunset

I love the colours that seep out after sunset at the beach. This afternoon we walked along Coolum Beach as the sun was going down. Even though it’s winter, the water is still quite …

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Mount Coolum

Congratulations Harrison on climbing Mt Coolum with me this afternoon.

There were some pretty steep rock faces to scale. Well done, my boy, for making it to the top, and back down again.

The views of the Sunshine …

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Carla the Toy Voyager

Carla the Toy Voyager

We received a Toy Voyager in the mail recently. Carla is a cute little black bird all the way from cold Siberia. She’ll be staying with us for a few months and going on some adventures with us.

I introduced Carla to Lilly this …

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Born to be Wild

Well done, Lilly.

We’re really proud of your performance today at the School Talent Quest.