Welcome to the New Blog!

Welcome by C.S. 2.0

I recently moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress.

The old blog was at

The new address is

This is the third blog I’ve migrated to WordPress, and I’m really starting to like it.

Please let me know what …

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Some technical articles if you’re interested

I have a technical blog that I occasionally add articles to, so that I don’t bore you with hi-tech ramblings here. But in case you’re interested, here’s a brief summary of some recent articles.

Cool technology - fun with PVRsSome amazing facts - just incase …

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Before and After



I have this terrible habit of forgetting when to have a haircut.

I leave it for months, and slowly end up looking more and more like somone on a “Wanted” photo.

I’d had enough today and …

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Head in the clouds

My mum always used to say I had my head in the clouds

These clouds just happened to be overhead one day while I was at a BBQ.

Help the drought

Woolworths Ltd has made a significant contribution to drought relief by committing its entire profits for the day from its supermarkets to the Country Women’s Association and research into sustainable famring practices.

The total amount should be $3 million.

The big day is Tuesday, January 23 2007.

So if you’re planning a big grocery …

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