Tinchi Tamba

I decided it was time for a long overdue visit to Deepwater Bend at the mouth of the Pine River and the surrounding wetlands. The Wyampa people called the thick Mangrove Swamps “Tinchi”, and the awkward looking long-legged birds that poked around in the mud “Tamba”, which is why the Brisbane City Council named these wetlands “Tinchi Tamba”.
Wetlands by the Highway
Most of the coastline near Brisbane along Moreton Bay was a wetland environment. Today the most of the northern section of the Gateway Motorway is bordered by the wetlands on one side or another as it winds its way between the Pine River in the north to the Brisbane River in the south.
Deepwater Bend
Deepwater Bend is a great spot for a picnic or cast a line in for a spot of fishing. There are some great views westward to the D’Aguilar Ranges.
Bird Hide
On the bank of a nearby creek there’s a “Bird Hide” which allows you to watch the local birdlife without them seeing you. In a few weeks this water will be teeming with migratory birds as they make their way back south to breed.
Swampy Forest
The Tinchi Tamba wetlands are criss-crossed by a network of trails. One of them headed off into some thick swamp forest, so I thought to myself “Why not?” and rode off to see where the trail went.
Old Fence
As you can see from the old fence posts, this whole area used to be farmland. These days you won’t find any cattle, but you’ll find hundreds of kangaroos and birds.

There is a report that the local Kangaroos can swim.

Total distance: 32.73 km
Max elevation: 24 m
Min elevation: -1 m
Total climbing: 229 m
Total descent: -227 m
Average speed: 19.15 km/h
Total time: 02:04:40
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  1. Neil just to say you have a very interesting life. These pics are lovely and so interesting. I saw your comment on my dads pic. He is looking good isn’t he. Thats the Ennis trait for you lol Enjoying reading about your wee exploits, oh how i wish this was auatralia lol 🙂 xx

  2. I use to play in the wetlands, as a child.
    My Grandfather GUS DAVIES. Was given a soldiers settlement on the pine river at bald hills. My grandfather fought in both the 1st and 2nd world wars. Our family still remain on the land today.

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