Almost there

Almost there, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

It’s been a fantastic last day today. We couldn’t have asked for betterweather. This’ll probably be my last video from aboard Aurora, so I thoughtI’d film it from my favourite place – up on the forward observation deckoverlooking the …

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Cricket at sea

Cricket at sea, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

Indians love their cricket so much that they even play it at sea!

Getting close to NZ

Getting close to NZ, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

We’re now closer to land (about 20km away) and small pleasure craft arestarting to come close to us.

Here’s a quick view of one that came pretty close this morning.

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Sunset, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

Sunsets at sea are amazing.

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Albatross, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

I saw these birds following us yesterday. We were hundreds of kilometresfrom land. They weren’t flapping, just gliding behind the ship and skimmingthe waves.

They almost looked like they were doing it just for fun!

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Kids Club

Kids Club, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

Here’s a quick peek at the kids facilities.

The staff are protective of the kids, so they asked me not to film in there until the kids were out watching a movie (Wall-E).

It looks like a lot of fun!

Oh, and Lilly, I know how …

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Dawn Princess passing us at sea

Dawn Princess passing us at sea, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

A video slideshow of the Dawn Princess as she passed us (going a lot quickerthan we were) at about 11am today.

Bob and I will be travelling on her in June 🙂

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Dinner on the back deck

Dinner on the back deck, originally uploaded by MagicTyger.

We had dinner at the Pennant Grill this evening as the sun was going down.

The location is perfect. The only problem is making sure you don’t eat toomuch.

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