Town Reach Brisbane River

A postcard from Angela in England.

I am guessing, but I think this picture looks north-east towards Petrie Bight from Customs House. It’s probably dated between 1900 to 1910. Unfortunately there’s no stamp on the back of the postcard, and no postmark. The writer didn’t date the card, so we can only guess!

At the turn of the century, Petrie Bight, downstream from the city centre was occupied by wharves.

The houses in the top right of the picture are probably on Bowen Terrace, New Farm.

For comparison, see another picture of this area around the same time.

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  1. Here’s some more info I received from Simon Farley at the State Library of Queensland:

    That postcard is from the coloured shell series, 1900-1910. It shows
    the Petrie’s Bight section of the town reach. The stately looking
    building in the right side background is All Hallow’s School
    designed by Stombuco. You can look at photos of Petrie’s Bight and
    All Hallows School on our Picture Queensland site at

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