Round-About on a Bora-Ring


Nineteenth century aboriginal elder Dalaipi lived in what is now Petrie, north of Brisbane.

He was the custodian of several sacred sites in the district including a bora-ring called “Nindur-Ngineddo” (meaning “leech sitting down”).

Sadly, the bora ring today is under the round-about at Petrie, and no trace of it remains.

It does seem ironic that a modern circular traffic construction should be sitting on top of an ancient circular spiritual construction.

Perhaps the spirit of Dalaipi had something to do with that.

You’re supposed to treat a bora ring with respect and not just go blundering through it. The busy traffic makes it virtually impossible for anyone to casually blunder through the site at all. In fact I risked life and limb to just cross the road to get to it.

Although thousands of cars per day drive around it, I think it would be rare for someone to actually walk through it.

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  1. Hey, we also have a Bora Ring covered on our Corner, (Keperra St, Glenmorgan St & Samford Rd, Keperra. ) It is Actually the “Kippa” ring (young mans) ring & the path for it travels through the houses, across the railway & the main Bora, (mens) ring is in about the front of the Keperra Golf course clubhouse, where all the Cockies sleep at night. Perhaps they know it is a safe place? All destroyed now sadly. Keperra means “young man standing” kep-e-ra-/ kipp- a- ring.
    The third Bora ceremonial or corroboree ground (for men & women) was in Keperra park (cnr Samford & Upper Kedron Rd, the park that is before the transfer station & where the Big gums are. Thanks for your adventures!

  2. yes i know about that one i have seen somewhere an old aerial shot of the farm and the bora rings back then if only i could remember where i saw that 🙂

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