Pot Luck Fun

Pot Luck Fun

A few random pictures from a fun weekend.

Kids playing basketball
We celebrated Josh’s 21st birthday on Sunday afternoon. I had a great time chilling out and watching the kids play basketball.

Watching the game
So did the girls 🙂

Lilly had fun trying to get the Piñata at Angela’s birthday party on Saturday

And I was so engrossed in taking a photo while out riding on Saturday morning that I didn’t realize I’d taken a photo of myself in the rear-view mirror.

All-in-all a fantastic weekend!

We demolish a Piñata at Xmas

Here’s a quick video of the demise of a Piñata that our friend Jo Smith gave us for Xmas 2007.

Everyone had a whale of a time trying to crack it open.

It also records the demise of our broom handle, which was never the same after everyone used it to bash the living daylights out of the poor hapless piñata.

Xmas 2007 on our deck was a lot of fun, and low impact for everyone because we bought all the food (cold meat and seafood platters) rather than cooking a roast. (What crazy person decreed that you had to have a hot roast for Xmas in Australia in the middle of summer?)

Full marks to Josh for busting it open. We knew you would, Joshie.