The end of year twelve

To my dear son Jonathan, who completes his final year of school this month.

Twenty-nine years ago this month I finished year twelve at Oxley State High School.

The photos above are like book-ends for that year. The one …

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History in a Wardrobe

In the back of her wardrobe, my mum found some old documents covering a period of almost a hundred years. It’s a bit like taking a visit to Narnia digging around in the back of old wardrobes. Perhaps that’s why C.S.Lewis wrote about them.

Rather than spoonfeed it all to you here, why don’t …

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Birdsville 1993

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Washing day at the Hostel

Washing day at the Hostel

Mum hangs up our washing outside our Nissen hut at the Wacol Hostel in 1965.

More memory excavation

Another one of my very early memories is visiting the Daily Mail Boys and Girls Exhibition at Olympia in London sometime between December 1964 and January 1965.

Dr Who had just recently hit the airwaves and was very popular, so they had a Dalek Exhibition.

I used to be terrified when Dr Who …

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One my earliest childhood memories was sitting on the loungeroom floor of my Mum and Dad’s old house in the …

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A good impression

A good impression Originally uploaded by MagicTyger

It looks like Dad made a great impression on the interviewer.

“Recommendation: A”

“Medical Arranged”

“Excellent fellow (Scotch origin) with wife and children to match. Suitable for A/P under C/N. Conditions explained”.

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The First Step

The First Step Originally uploaded by MagicTyger

The greatest journey starts with a step.

This is the form that Mum and Dad completed in order to apply to come to Australia in February 1963. They were 22 years old at the time. I wasn’t even a year old, and …

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