Follow The Sun

When my friend Jason asked me if I knew of any places which offered good views of the setting sun, I knew exactly where to go.

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Everyday Beauty

I see this Eucalyptus Tree every day from my front deck, and never grow tired at looking at it. I’m very grateful that we have such beauty at our front door – literally!

What amazes me is how the same tree can seem so different each …

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Lawnton Sunset

When this sunset just happened outside my front door yesterday, I just couldn’t resist trying to capture it.

I think they’re magic, and are one of the many wonderful things that makes life enjoyable.

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Redcliffe Sunset

I never thought you’d be able to see the sun set over the water in South-East Queensland, considering the fact that it’s on the east coast of Australia. I took this photo of the sunset from Scarborough on the northern tip of the Redcliffe Peninsula across the road from the Marina, looking north-west …

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