Exploring Port Vila

We spent all of Wednesday in Port Vila.

A local Taxi Driver took us around the local area for a few hours.

We made a sweatty climb through the jungle to get to Cascade Falls where we had a cool refreshing swim in the Crystal Clear water.

Our driver then took us to a local village to see how the people here live the traditional lifestyle.

After that we came back to town and caught the free barge across to Iririki Island where we had lunch.

The harbour around Port Vila is very picturesque.

When we came back to the boat, some of the local people put on a farewell dance for us which really impressed the kids.

We’re somewhere to the North of New Caledonia at the moment, for a few days at sea before we arrive back in Brisbane on Saturday.

See you all soon.


Climbing Cascade Falls in Vanuatu.
Beautiful clear, cool water in a steamy forest.

A traditional village near Port Vila.
Everyone in the village was so friendly!

Catching the barge to Iririki Island. A free barge from the centre of Port Vila takes you to an island resort where you can swim and have lunch.

The locals give us a traditional farewell. I don’t think Harrison or Lilly knew what to do when these Ni-Vanuatu men said hello to them.

Leaving Port Vila, Sailing off into the Sunset.
What a beautiful way to end a busy day.