There’s a crazy loop from Mount Mee that heads down a steep dirt track called Williams Road to Wamuran, then winds through the course of a former rail track, then heads back up the mountain via another rocky steep track called McLeods Lane. I’ve done it before, but today, Tim and I rode it together.

Glasshouse Mountains
The track down is steep. I was leaning so far back I was hanging over the back of my saddle, and yet I still managed to stall and go flying over the handlebars.

Tim decided a more challenging method – his rear brakes started jamming on, so in order to finish the ride, he had to remove his rear brakes. This meant he only had front brakes. Anyone who has ridden down steep dirt tracks will tell you that you need both sets of brakes to make it down safely.
Look Ma, No Brakes!
But somehow the guardian angels of the foolhardy protected Tim from harm, and he made it down safely – with a bit of extra wear and tear on the soles of his shoes.

Note to self:
1. I will carry spare brake pads with me, and will learn how to replace them.
2. I will not try to scramble up McLeods Lane again – it is too steep and rocky.

Sunset - Mt Mee

Total distance: 24.81 km
Max elevation: 394 m
Min elevation: 29 m
Total climbing: 629 m
Total descent: -623 m
Average speed: 14.26 km/h
Total time: 03:32:08
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