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I originally created http://TenPoundPoms.com as a resource to share my family’s migration experience in the 1960’s. This history is important to me. I want my kids to know how we got here. Understanding this gives me a better idea of who we are today.

By exploring my own history, I also discovered that many other people had a similar experience.

There are millions of “Ten Pound Poms” and their descendants throughout the world today.

So I’ve decided to expand this site to help other people get in touch with their Ten Pound Pom history.

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  1. Absolutely loved reading all of the articles on your site…thank you so much for publishing them.
    I myself emigrated to Melbourne in 1971 (August) via the Ellinis when I was 17 years old. I did keep most of the ships items as souvenirs, bar tariff etc.
    I shared cabin 855 with 5 other guys, it was tiny and 20 foot below the ocean. What a wonderful experience though, I emigrated to play soccer for a team in Melbourne, Box Hill.
    Many, many fond memories and miss the place like crazy, I live in Canada now.
    Thank again for all of your work putting this together.
    Richard Thompson, Edmonton, Canada

    1. G’day Richard!

      If you’ve got any scanned images of your Ellinis memorabilia, I’d love to see them!

      Aussies love Canadians (except during the Commonwealth Games 🙂 ) so I hope you visit some time!


  2. NeilEnnis,

    I came upon this website by accident but loved reading your experiences.
    My family are also “10 pound poms” and arrived aboard the Ellinis November 1971 from Southampton. I was 9 at the time and don’t remember much, but reading your descriptions/experiences & looking at the pics was certainly a blast from the past.
    Wonderful website.
    Eve Palme, Chipping Norton, Sydney NSW

  3. Hi everyone I came across this website by accident also.My mum came to Australia from England in september 1962 on the ship Castel Felice, I would love to get a copy of the passenger listand any other information relating to their voyage, but i cant seem to find any. I would really appreciate
    any any suggestions.
    Thankyou Mandy

  4. I worked on the ELLINIS from 1968n through to 1972 so whoever travelled during those days has had a chat with me as I worked as interpreter and excursion officer giving information on ports ahead and other queries that passengers had.
    I hope that by the end of this year (2019) my book titled “The Migrant Run – Voyage 37 SB” which is my experience day by day of that specific voyage leaving Southampton 14 March 1971 and arriving Australia 7 April. If anyone would like pictures / deck plan of the Ellinis or Chandris memorabilia pls let me know and I will try to send whatever I can (no promises of immediate action though).
    Costas veloudakis

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