Conquering Mount Samson

A couple of months ago we tried to climb to the top of Mount Samson. Today we thought we’d try again!

Mount Samson was called “Buran” by the local Aborigines. In the Turrbal language it means “wind”. Unfortunately there was no wind up there today.

The aim was to ride our mountain bikes up to a flattish point at about 500m elevation, then hike the rest of the way to the 680m summit. Easier said than done. The road had been washed out in several places, covered in fallen rocks and logs. We climbed 430m in the first kilometre. With my head spinning and sweat dripping from me I was exhausted. Thankfully Derek gave me a bit of a push-along when I needed it, and we all managed to get the bikes up to the planned point.
Farm houses
View from Mount Samson
From this vantage point, the views over Lake Samsonvale out to Moreton Bay are spectacular.

At this point we met up with some hiking friends, and started the long slog through the lantana and up the mountain. Lantana is a horrible weed with stems that can grow thicker than your thumb. The leaves and stems cut at your skin and several times blocked out way entirely. We had to smash through it with our feet (we didn’t take a Machete).
Are we there yet?
Eventually we beat the lantana and took a breather before the final push up through the rocks and the rainforest to the top.

Grass Trees
Prayer Flags
Prayer Flags
Strangely the view from the summit isn’t panoramic. It’s covered with trees. But it’s still beautiful. Someone has erected some Tibetan Prayer Flags at the top. It took me a while to make the connection. Prayer Flags are usually flown high up in the Himalayas. But I suppose this is as high as you’re going to get around Brisbane, so it make sense to me.
Little House
We made it!
We made it!
You could see a few good views by peaking out through the trees, but for me the best bit about the summit was taking a well-earned rest with some really fun people. This started off, for me, as a harebrained scheme when I asked a few friends “Do you think we could ride bikes up Mount Samson”. The fantastic thing is that those friends were willing to try something difficult and silly with me – even the ones that weren’t able to ride. I’m really grateful to have friends like that.

What’s next???

If you’d like a sadistic look at the climbing-profile for this trip, here it is:
Conquering Mount Samson

Total distance: 22.56 km
Max elevation: 662 m
Min elevation: 18 m
Total climbing: 999 m
Total descent: -992 m
Average speed: 12.97 km/h
Total time: 06:08:37
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