Cruising by the lake

I took a slow ride by the lakes today. It’s amazing how much more you see when you slow down!
Lake Samsonvale / Mount Samson
Mount Samson and its pyramid peak overlook lake Samsonvale.

Lake Kurwongbah
Some houses overlook the shoreline on the far side of Lake Kurwongbah

Tree house
I think a goblin lives here 🙂

Grass Trees
Grass Trees at Forgan Cove

It’s a great feeling riding a mountain bike along these paths!

Total distance: 30.26 km
Max elevation: 70 m
Min elevation: -47 m
Total climbing: 451 m
Total descent: -407 m
Average speed: 15.10 km/h
Total time: 02:52:18
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2 Replies to “Cruising by the lake”

  1. Hi Neil, I like you, am a Ten Pound Pom (Scot actually). My wife and I left Southampton on the Ellinis in Jan 1971, arriving Sydney 6th Feb. As it is 40 years to the day I would love to aquire a photo of the ship that I could enlarge and frame. Can you help me on this one.

    Kind Rgds

    1. G’day George

      I’ve got a framed copy of an old Ellinis Postcard here on my desk. I’ve scanned some images of it in here:
      RHMS Ellinis (Chandris Lines)Ellinis

      Please feel free to download the larger versions of the photo if it helps. You could probably print your own copy using a service like Zazzle or Qoop. If you need more assistance, please let me know.


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