Day 2. No land in sight

All of Sunday was at sea, with no land at all in sight. It’s amazing to look in any direction and just see the horizon.

About the only exception to that was when the captain pointed out a whale just before breakfast. We’re all eating too much.

Liz and I love the kids club, and so do Harrison and Lilly most of the time.

Sam and Stephen spend most of the day exploring the ship. Steve won a gold tournament but he’s not alowed to play in the “Australian Open” finals because he’s not over 18. They discovered the teen club last night, so that will add more things for them to do.

I’ll upload some photos of Noumea tomorrow.


Look Ma, no Land!

The view from the Front Standing up at the pointy end of the ship, looking backwards. Gives you a nice view of some of the life boats and the huge wake trailing us.

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