Diana’s Bath (Almost)

I tried to ride to Diana’s Bath today. It’s up in the D’Aguilar Ranges half way between Dayboro and Kilcoy. It’s about a 100km round trip from my place and I would have made it except I ran out of time. But I’m happy with my efforts to get within 5km on my first attempt.

Mt Pleasant
A stand of Hoop Pines and Bunya Pines grow along the upper reaches of the North Pine River in Mount Pleasant.

Surveyor Robert Dixon drew a map of the area in 1842 and noted a “Bunya Scrub Camp” on the upper reaches of the North Pine River (he called it the Eden River). But I think this bunch of trees is even further up the river than Dixon surveyed.

Upper Reaches - North Pine River
This is the source of the North Pine River. It continues for another kilometre upstream from here in the rainforest. This is the same river that passes within 500m of our house on its way to the sea about 50km downstream.

Byron Creek
Byron Creek flows westwards into Reedy Creek and eventually into the Stanley River before it meets the Brisbane River near Esk.

View Diana’s Bath in a larger map
This map gives an idea of how close I got. About 1.5km as the crow flies, but about 5 on the road.

Total distance: 96.55 km
Total climbing: 1903 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 06:50:03
Download file: activity_57384445.gpx
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Diana's Bath (Almost)

7 Replies to “Diana’s Bath (Almost)”

  1. Hey, my regular google search report came up with page. I live out Dayboro way and am looking for people that ride out this way so I can get back in to MTBing with others..

    drop me an email.


    1. Thanks Graham. I’ll let you know next time we’re planning to head out there. BTW all the trail bike riders and 4wd drivers were really friendly, if not a little perplexed about someone crazy enough to try it on a bike.

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