Fun on Dawn Princess

I’ve got a load of photos and videos to upload from our recent cruise on Dawn Princess.

Jonathan and I had a great time. It was his first cruise, and I really enjoyed sharing the experience with him.

For those of you who haven’t been following my updates on Twitter and Facebook, here’s a few pictures and videos you might be interested in.

By the way, I found it really easy to post photo and video updates via twitter using my mobile phone. Last cruise I tried blogging but that needed lots of keying via the little keypad on the phone, and ended up taking ages. Tweeting was much easier.

Awesome Sailing thru the heads. Beautiful!Approaching Sydney by sea. Looks fantastic :) A ride in the atrium elevator on Dawn Princess today.

Sunday morning @ sea And away we go!! It's a huge ship!!! Cruise ship stranded in river by tide.

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