Riding to Peachester

Forest Trail
Six of us left Beerburrum this morning for a ride up to Peachester through some of the many forest trails that meander through the Glasshouse Mountains.
Enjoying the View
We tried to keep to the dirt where possible, and to narrow tracks where they existsed. It involved some steep climbs, especially leading up to the lookout, and one or two gnarly descents down some rocky, muddy, technical downhills.
Although it was overcast and rained a bit, the cooler temps made the ride a lot more comfortable, and the dozens of muddy puddles we had to swerve around just added to the fun.
Climbing the Hill
Thanks to all the guys who turned up for the ride. I needed some feedback about part of the route we’re taking next week on our XC ride to Mooloolah, and I received some excellent advice: The gnarly cliff-like drop-offs that lead down to Palmer Road are not for the inexperienced, so next week end we’ll ride down Old Peachester Road instead.

All up 45km with about 940m of vertical ascent, and 3200 kcal of energy. It was harder because of the mud, so tough-o-meter score for this ride is 8 out of 10. In the dry it would more likely be 7 out of 10. It’s well worth the ride.

Total distance: 45.3 km
Total climbing: 1003 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 04:06:58
Download file: activity_123318226.gpx
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