Sideling Creek

The excessive rain around here means that there aren’t many dirt trails we can ride at the moment without getting bogged in mud.
Sideling Creek in Flood

Harrison and I had a look at some of the flooded creeks in the area, but were particularly impressed with all the flood water in Sideling Creek.
Water over the Spillway
I normally ride the bike across a few rocks over Sideling Creek below the Dam that forms lake Kurwongbah. But today, there was no chance of riding across this creek.
Sideling Creek in Flood
It was once the physical western boundary of Tom Petrie’s “Murrumba” property after he purchased if from the Griffins in 1858. It was definitely a physical boundary today!
Dam Wall - Kurwongbah

Total distance: 18.63 km
Max elevation: 63 m
Min elevation: 13 m
Total climbing: 294 m
Total descent: -282 m
Average speed: 14.26 km/h
Total time: 01:58:27
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