Harrison the Hero

Harrison’s cast came off today.

After checking out a fresh X-Ray, the orthopedic surgeon reckons his arm is healing really well. We’re all very relieved.

The cast was on for four months, and Harrison didn’t complain at all.

What an amazing young man.

He is still on the pamidronate therapy to …

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Crazy Dad scares hospital patient

Harrison had his op today.

They let me go into the operating theatre with him to stay with him while he got his anaesthetic. It’s a pretty harrowing experience to watch, so it must have been quite scarey for the young fellow.

He was brave. …

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Premature celebrations

We celebrated too soon about Harrison’s arm.

It’s worse than we thought.

He broke his radial head (end of the forearm bone near elbow) in June. We were worried that the lack of circulation to the broken end of bone would stop it healing.

A nuclear scan led us to beleive that the bone …

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Miracle Boy

Harrison broke his arm a month ago.

A lot of kids break their arms, but this was a bad break for a number of reasons.

1. The bone was completely broken right the way thru.

2. The break was at the top of his radius, i.e. on his forearm up near his elbow.

3. …

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