Big Kids on Bikes

I enjoyed hours of fun as child on my bike, rolling around the local neighborhood with friends.

Today, when Calum took us for a spin around some local trails, I realized I am still that same kid, just in an older body.

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Deer Reserve

(Photo: Tony Ryan)

Deer Reserve is a rugged National Park and State Forest on the western shores of Lake Somerset near Kilcoy. Today we thought it would be fun to explore it.

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Alfred Delisser was here

Alfred Delisser

Photo courtesy of John Henley

The Delisser Brothers, Edmund and Alfred were 19th century surveyors.

Edmund, the elder brother, surveyed the Nullarbor Plain in the 1860’s. Noting the distinct lack of trees, he coined the name “Nullarbor” from the latin words “Null” (lack of) and “Arbor” (tree). The Continue reading Alfred Delisser was here »

Burke and Wills were here

Burke and Wills Survey Tree

The carving says “B&W 70 1860”. Burke and Wills passed this way in 1860 on their way from Melbourne to the Gulf Country. They carved their initials on this tree as a survey marker.

Amazing how slowly a tree grows. And amazing to touch …

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Mosquito Creek

One of my favourite spots on the Dunlop Lane / Smiths Road loop is the Mosquito Creek crossing. It’s in the middle of several km of quiet bushland trails. When I first rode it, I had to dismount to complete the crossing, but these days …

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Wights Mountain Bora Ring

Wights Mountain has one of the best preserved Aboriginal Ceremonial Bora Grounds in our area.

I didn’t have a wide-angled camera, so I had to stitch the photos together. Can you make out the raised ring of earth?

The Bora Grounds consisted of one large ring in which important tribal ceremonies were conducted, and a …

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Gavan Newman was here

One morning while I was zooming down Clear Mountain Road on my bicycle at about 70km/h this strange looking tree caught my attention. The next day I came back to have a closer look and discovered it had been “blazed” by a surveyor. …

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Martin Lavelle Was Here

Survey Marker – Martin Lavelle

Surveyor Martin Lavelle marked this tree in 1867 while he was surveying the Griffin area on the northern banks of the Pine River.

Surveyors often used natural features as reference points when preparing a plan of an area. When trees or stumps were used, …

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