To the Top and Back

Although we’ve ridden on Bribie Island many times, the continually changing tides and seasons make each visit a different experience.

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Glasshouse Tears

The Rocky Giant hunches with his face towards the sea And his heart is filled with aching from an ancient tragedy That happened in the dreamtime when the land was fresh and young And his burning anger separated Tibro from his son.

But he holds a …

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Three For One

Federation Square by Cosette Paneque, on Flickr

Here’s a poem I wrote recently as part of a competition on the theme “Making pictures”.

For those of you not in the know, a Triptych is a set of three pictures, each related to a similar subject (e.g. …

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Ancient One with your arms held high, Guarding the bones in this field of tears, If I bend my ear to your gentle sigh Will you sing me your song from long-gone years?


The dark-skinned keepers of the …

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Double the Fun

(The North Pine River at Sunrise. I took this with a cheap digital camera while going for a walk at about 5am one morning)

Liz is the love of my life.

I wrote this double acrostic for her during a difficult time for us.

They’re difficult to write because the words are …

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