Weyba and Noosa

I spent a couple of hours exploring some dirt roads north west of Coolum this morning.

I didn’t really have a plan – just wanted to stay off the main roads and discover some places I’d never been before.

Even thought it was raining when I left, I wasn’t disappointed. There are plenty of dirt roads, fire trails, and bush tracks around here and I had a great time finding some new places.

Lake WeybaLake Weyba
Lake Weyba is a large salt-water lake north-west of Coolum. There aren’t many roads that allow access to the lake because it’s bounded on the east by national park and mostly on the west by private property.

After riding down a dirt track for a kilometre or so, I eventually found the lake shore. It’s quiet and picturesque – well worth the effort to find it.

Noosa National ParkNoosa National Park
Noosa National Park – Emu Swamp Section is low-lying swamp land containing lots of paper-bark / Tea Trees, Banksias and Tree Ferns.

Total distance: 39.58 km
Max elevation: 61 m
Min elevation: 12 m
Total climbing: 356 m
Total descent: -356 m
Average speed: 18.17 km/h
Total time: 02:44:00
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