Around the Glasshouse Mountains

Around the Glasshouse Mountains
The Glasshouse Mountains are beautiful. We thought the best way to see them was up close, under our own power, on bike.

Glasshouse Mountains Tour

We started the 50km loop at Wamuran, and proceeded in a large clockwise loop along fire trails, logging tracks, and finished via the route of an old railway line, now converted into a recreational “rail trail”.

Glasshouse Mountains Tour
Glasshouse Mountains Tour
Glasshouse Mountains Tour

Here’s a bridge over one of the many small creeks we crossed in the forest.
Glasshouse Mountains Tour
Glasshouse Mountains Tour

Heading down one of the many trails that cut through the pine forests.
Glasshouse Mountains Tour

Simon checks out the damage done by 4wd vehicles to one of the trails. We think the huge mud bowl looks a bit like a lake of chocolate, which fits in well with the Easter theme.
Glasshouse Mountains Tour

Simon demonstrates why I try to let him go first through most flooded tracks:

The best bits:
Picturesque views,
pine forests,
secluded roads,
quiet creeks.

The worst bits:
Motor cyclists / Trail bike riders illegally riding on state forest trails.
Dirt roads ripped up by 4wd’s and turned into mud bowls.
Piles of rubbish left by morons in the middle of the forest.

8 Replies to “Around the Glasshouse Mountains”

    1. George, thanks for the comment.

      Sometimes you just have to decide to make time to do it 🙂 Once you’ve been riding for 10 minutes you realize it was a great decision. It sure beats watching TV or surfing the net.

  1. thanks for the advice, it´s really true. But in Uruguay we have a hard winter coming soon. In spring with a partner will be preparing a travel trough the andes, Montevideo-Santiago de Chile, crossing Argentina. i´ll send photos. thanks again

    1. George

      I’m in Australia. It’s winter here too. It’s more difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, so I ride at midday instead 🙂

      Where abouts in Uruguay are you?


    1. Don’t feel too bad! If you cut down on the cakes, meat pies, chocolate bars, beer and cigarettes you might be able to get around under your own power too 🙂

  2. Ummm… you do realise those “illegal” motorcyclists are actually allowed to ride in the forestry trails just as you! (So long as they are registered and licenced)…

  3. Hi Adam

    Thanks for the comment.

    You’re absolutely right.

    But some of the trails were clearly marked “No motorcycles”. Guys on unregistered quad bikes were cheerfully ripping along those trails. Specifically west of Old Gympie Road near the intersection of Eaton Road.

    Normally I’d just say “Live and let live”. There’s nothing wrong with bending rules from time to time. But the problem in this case was the damage they were doing to the track, and the safety issue. Meeting a Quad Bike coming down a single trail at you at 30km an hour is a bit of a worry.

    The same day we had a similar issue near the Wamuran Rail Trail which is clearly a non motor bike area.

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