Blue Tiers, Tasmania

I plan to ride a mountain bike through the Blue Tiers in Tasmania this Sunday. It’s a picturesque, remote alpine area of north-eastern Tasmania that is supposed to be well worth the effort.

The only problem is that I’ll probably be riding it alone, and I’ve never been there before.

So to be on the safe side, I’m publishing my proposed route here, with some checkpoints along the way, and I’ll update my twitter feed with a photo from those checkpoints so that (if you’re interested) you can keep an eye on where I’m up to. If I fall off the bike, or get abducted by aliens, at least you’ll know how far I got and where I plan to go.

I’ll be leaving the Weldborough Hotel at about 10.30am and aim to be back by about 3pm.

The checkpoints are:

  1. Weldborough Hotel. 0km. 10:30am
  2. Lotta Rd Turnoff. 6.4km. 11:00am
  3. Town of Lotta. 14.2km.  11:45am
  4. Poimena School Site. 17.8km. 12:30pm
  5. Emu Road. 22.4km. 1:30pm
  6. Weldborough Hotel. 30km. 2:30pm

Here’s the map

I’m really looking forward to it, and hope to share some great photos.

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