Camp Mountain Railway

As part of my project to explore the site of the old railway line between Ferny Grove and Dayboro I cycled out to Ferny Grove today. Today this is the terminus of the Queensland Railway’s Brisbane to Ferny line.

End of the Line

But before 1955 this line went all the way to Dayboro.

The old railway track rises out of Ferny Grove and winds slowly up Camp Mountain. Even though the gradient is low (less than 5%) the train would have struggled slowly to the crest of the hill, after which it would pick up speed as it rolled down into Camp Mountain Station.
Camp Mountain

In May 1947, disaster struck. After reaching the top of climb at Camp Mountain, one train accelerated too quickly downhill and crashed at this site as the track curved sharply to the left.
Crash SiteCrash Site

16 people were killed as carriages telescoped into each other.

Today it still stands as Queensland’s worst ever rail disaster, and the second most tragic rail disaster in Australia’s history after Granville.
Camp Mountain Railway

Total distance: 78.19 km
Max elevation: 187 m
Min elevation: -9 m
Total climbing: 1326 m
Total descent: -1315 m
Average speed: 18.80 km/h
Total time: 05:38:40
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6 Replies to “Camp Mountain Railway”

  1. Interesting story. The history behind the Ferny Grove-Dayboro line has always fascinated me. Back when I lived in my parents’ house, I learned from my neighbour that she was actually on the site of the Camp Mountain railway disaster with her father when it occurred.

    Just one question though… how did you get permission to take a photo on the actual railway track?

    1. Hi Liam

      Thanks for reading the article.

      There’s a marker showing exactly where the crash happened, and, yes, there’s a house on that site now.

      I took the railway line picture at the Ferny Grove Railway Station car park where the car park road crosses the line beyond the station. No trains ever go there, so it’s usually safe to cross. I just stopped while crossing and took the shot.


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