Coming Up For Air

Coming Up For Air

Every week since February 2013 I have written a blog post without missing a week. That’s a total of more than 260: one every week, for five years. It’s time for a break.


(Photo: Adam Lynch)
(Photo: Adam Lynch)

I love taking photos of our adventures and sharing them. In fact I probably would have still done it even if no one ever read my posts. It has been great to keep a record of where I’ve been and what my friends and I saw

Coming Up For AirComing Up For AirComing Up For Air

Coming Up For AirComing Up For AirComing Up For Air

But two things happened:

First I wanted to improve the quality of my photos and my writing. When I share something, it should be pleasant and easy to read. The pictures should look good, and the text should make you want to keep reading.

But (second) this had consequences. What once took me half an hour, now takes me eight to ten hours, consuming several mornings per week.

Ironically I was spending time WRITING about adventures when I really wanted to be DOING them.

So I need to come up for air. Not permanently – but for a few months.

Coming Up For Air

Hopefully this will give me more opportunities for adventure, and (eventually) give me more things to share with you.

During that time, I will publish new articles from time to time – there are some stories I really want to tell but haven’t had a chance yet. But they won’t be every week.

Thank you for reading these posts. Because of your support, even when I’ve ridden solo, I still felt like I had a whole bunch of friends with me, enjoying the ride.

And thank you, most of all, to my incredible friends and riding buddies.  I love spending time with you, and hope these magical adventures can continue for a long time.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

Coming Up For Air

8 Replies to “Coming Up For Air”

  1. Thanks Neil, thanks heaps.
    Enjoy your break, enjoy your air.
    I’ll continue to stalk your blog
    even have time to read earlier articles
    Warm regards

  2. I’m going to miss reading about your adventures each week Neill as much as I will trying to retrace them.
    Thanks Mark

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