Exploring with Dad

“Dad, when I get older will you get me a real bike?”

“Sure, Lilly. What sort do you want?”

“One of those cool bikes like what Harrison has with gears?”

“Yeah, why not!”

Lilly did really well today on her pint-sized bike as we went up and down the hills near our house and checked out some of the local parks near the river, including the “secret” park.

“Hey Lilly, I think it’s good this park is secret, don’t you?”

“Yeah, so that means the bogans won’t find it”.

I think “bogans” are on the lowest rung of the social ladder in our kids minds.

Thanks for a great lunchtime bike-ride, Lilly!

3 Replies to “Exploring with Dad”

  1. Very interested in knowing if any photos exsist of the Pine River rail bridge at Petrie QLD with flood waters covering it or close to going over. I have heard people saying through the years that it has gone under in the past. Would love to see that.

  2. Hi Glen

    It’s important to bear in mind that there have been several bridges over the North Pine River over the years.

    The first road bridge nicknamed “Sir Arthur’s Bridge” was opened in August 1877. The first railway bridge was opened in 1888. There were some horrendous floods before the dam was built, one of which completely washed away “Sir Arthur’s Bridge”.

    The local history section of the Strathpine Library has some excellent photographs from that era, as does the North Pine Heritage Museum (at the North Pine Country Markets). They may have some photos of the old bridges.


    1. Glen

      There’s a big new historical sign at Sweeney Reserve, Petrie with a photo of the old Bridge. It’s pretty low to the water, and it’s no wonder it got flooded. If you live nearby it might be worth checking out. If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can get photograph it for you.


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