Lake Samsonvale

Lake Samsonvale (1)Lake Samsonvale (2)
I took a long ride up to McGavin View near the Dam Wall on Lake Samsonvale today.

Up and back it was about 26km.

The lake looked fantastic. Last time I was here, it was almost empty because of the drought, but now it’s almost full.

Some of the hills around here are pretty steep, and it’s hard work cycling up them.

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    1. G’day Kelly

      Yep – it’s great up there. Most weeks I follow the trails from there all the way up to Dayboro Road where it meets Adsetts Road. I saw a fox in there one day, would you believe it?

      BTW, this post was done 2 and a half years ago, there’s a few more pictures of some of the trails west of McGavin View here, here, here and here if you’re interested.

      Congratulations on your website. I had a look around. It looks great. Gee that breakfast yoghurt looks yoummy 🙂


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