Lean on Me

Why am I uploading this? I must be crazy.

Here’s a copy of a video that my mate, Simon, took of me singing at the “Pop Stars” Karaoke competion aboard Pacific Star last October.

Simon moves the camera around alot, and even turns it on its side, so the editing was a bit of an ordeal, and I made a massive blooper in the first line of the song. But apart from that it was a hoot.

Thanks, Simon, for doing the recording for me.

Would I do it again? Maybe!

3 Replies to “Lean on Me”

  1. >BALLS OF STEEL – Had you been drinking before that stella performance ?

    Thanks again for posting that – I have been keen to see it since you told me about it months ago – well done once again.

    T O U C H D O W N

    As you dont watch Tv you might want to ask your kids what TOUCH DOWN MEANS on Australian IDOL.

  2. >Awe! You’re so cute dad! You even had people clapping along 😀

    Oh, and I resent the assumption that I (or my siblings) would do anything as tasteless as watch Australian Idol :S


    That footage brings back some very fond / fantastic memorys of our cruise , well done mate. was great to see your performance again !

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