"My name is legion, for we are many"

Here’s a piece Brian and I did a couple of weeks ago as part of my lesson.

It’s “C Jam Blues” by Duke Ellington.

The Drums, Bass and Piano are on a backing track.

I’m playing the brass quartet at the start, plus the clarinet, trombone and trumpet, all on the WX5.

Brian’s playing guitar.

This is one of the reasons the WX5 is so much fun to play – there are so many different instruments available. the challenging part is that when you play a “trumpet” it’s important to think like a trumpet. When you play like a trombone, imagine you’re playing a trombone, and how you’d like it to sound. I have to adjust my playing technique depending on the type of instrument I’m trying to mimic, otherwise it doesnt sound convincing.

With this piece, although we in front of us the chord progression that Ellington used, we improvised all of what we played.

One thing Brian has taught me about improvisation is that it’s not about trying to play every riff and lick in your repertoire. It’s all about fitting in with your fellow players, and with the ideas that the composer originally had.

It’s real music, and it’s a lot of fun.

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