Riding By the Beach
Harrison and I went for a long slow ride by the water at Redcliffe this morning. The weather was perfect for it, and when your 12 year old son expresses interest in going for a ride with you, it’s important to do something about it 🙂
Deception Bay
We rode to Scarborough via North-Lakes and stopped for a bit of a break to enjoy the view of the Glasshouse Mountains across Deception Bay. The weather has been perfect for over a month, so we were able to see a long way in the clear air.
At Scarborough we bumped into an old bloke named George. He’s 93 years old and tells me the secret of living a long life is “good tucker” and going for a walk every day. George grew up in Parkdale (south of Melbourne) and says he remembers as a kid in the 1920’s how deliveries were brought to his house by a cart pulled by Clydesdale horses.
Bike Fuel
Harrison and I had breakfast at “Sangers on the Beach” right across from the water at Scarborough. The food was delicious, the service was quick and the waiters were friendly. What more could two hungry cyclists ask for?

Woody Point
The cycleway at Redcliffe follows the beach for over 10km, so there are plenty of nice views over the water.

Finally, we stopped for one more quick break at Woody Point on the headland to cool off in the shade and check out the sail boats on the bay.

We rode 57km in about 4 hours. The pace was slow to allow Harrison to enjoy the ride. You need to watch out for the traffic on Anzac Avenue, but apart from that it’s a pretty sedate ride which rates about 5.5 out of 10 on the tough-o-meter.

Total distance: 57.14 km
Max elevation: 67 m
Min elevation: 25 m
Total climbing: 409 m
Total descent: -398 m
Average speed: 15.80 km/h
Total time: 04:36:16
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2 Replies to “Redcliffe”

    1. It was fun. Harrison was a bit sore by the end. As for the weather “holding out” I think it’s gone on holidays. It hasn’t rained a drop here for over two months. (I’m not complaining).

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