Scrub Road

Liz asked me what I wanted for a Father’s Day present, and I said “A bush walk”. So today we hiked along Scrub Road. Basically it’s a big “vee” shaped road – steep down for 2km, then steep up the other side to the South Boundary Road Camp. Then turn around and repeat in the other direction.

Scrub Road
Bottom of the Hill
Rock Hopping
At the bottom we had a great time hopping around the rocks in the creek looking for animals.

Rubbing Sticks
We stopped at the water tank / shelter on South Boundary Road for a bite to eat. Lilly thought she’d continue the camping theme by rubbing two sticks together. Thankfully no fire ensued.

About 8km in about 2 hours. A lovely walk with the family. Thanks for the wonderful present everyone 🙂

Total distance: 9.34 km
Total climbing: 476 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 02:35:05
Download file: activity_111650035.gpx
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