Simply Happy

If you want to be happy, it helps to know what you want.

A few days ago I thought to myself that I’d really like to explore some new trails by Lake Samsonvale, and today I did just that! And now I’m pretty happy 🙂

This time of year in Southeast Queensland is beautiful. The westerly winds clear the skies to a deep blue, and the temperature drops. Perfect weather for exploring this part of the world.
Lakeside Trail
There are some beautiful trails by the shoreline of the lake – and many of them barely see a human once per week.

This is the remnants of Gordon’s Crossing Road looking towards the north west. Today, Gordon’s Crossing Road West stops near the shore of the lake. But 50 years ago it continued pretty much in a north-westerly direction, across the North Pine River to where this photo was taken.

Today the only company I had on the bike was an elusive fox whom I managed to quickly photograph before she slunk away into the lantana.

Mount Samson
A view of Mount Samson from the shore of Lake Samsonvale at Harrisons Pocket.

Clear Mountain
A view of Clear Mountain from the other side of Lake Samsonvale. Most of the time my experience of Clear Mountain is straining on the pedals trying to get up the steep hills, so it was a pleasant change to see it from this angle.

So – I’m happy because a few days ago I took a few minutes to make a mental note of something I’d like to try. And today I took a couple of hours to give it a go. I honestly don’t want to win the lottery – I’d just like a few more afternoons like this. And unlike the lottery, I think I’m almost certain to get this wish!

Total distance: 28.86 km
Total climbing: 465 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 02:14:54
Download file: activity_85090539.gpx
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