Mount Nebo

Mt Nebo
Isaac and I had a great time cycling up Mount Nebo to the lookout today.

We climbed for about 6km, then explored a few fire trails, then descended for 6km.

As you can see – it was perfect weather for mountain biking.

For someone who doesn’t ride much, Isaac did very well!
Mt Nebo

Total distance: 20.97 km
Total climbing: 725 m
Average temperature: NAN
Total time: 02:41:08
Download file: activity_85426665.gpx
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2 Replies to “Mount Nebo”

    1. Pearl, sorry for the late reply. The ride to the Nebo Summit is all fire trails, but they’re steep, and coming back down you can pick up some awesome speeds. Even if you’d prefer single track, the ride down is worth it for the adrenalin rush 🙂

      The top of Hammermeister Road is pretty overgrown and rutted. Same as the track from the Seismic Station down to Taylor’s Break. Officially they’re fire roads, but they’ve gnarly enough to test you out.

      Actually, Taylor’s Break is pretty much single track, and runs about 5km down (steeply) to Cabbage Tree Range Road. You might enjoy riding that. But it’s pretty secluded, so I’d take a buddy if I was you.

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