Slaying Hills

The ride today started out as an experiment to see how long it took to ride from home to Ferny Grove via Bunyaville. (An hour as it turns out). But after that it turned into a hillfest. I decided to pit myself against the short-steep climb up Camp Mountain. In the past I was intimidated by it, but today I gave it my all, and surprised myself by conquering the hill.

Camp MountainCamp Mountain

I was yelling at myself towards the end (I must have sounded crazy) “Get Up!” “Come on!” “Go!”. And it seemed to work. I gave it everything I had, and nailed that monster of a hill for the first time. It feels fantastic to slay a big hill – doing something that you thought you might not have been able to do.

From there I headed up the mountain towards Scrub Road….
Scrub Road
Scrub Road

Scrub Road is an easy way to get from the bitumen on Mount Nebo Road, into the Forest. It’s a fairly steep descent down to the pretty creek, and then a long slow climb up to the shelter and water tank on South Boundary Road.

South Boundary Road

The wattle blossoms on South Boundary Road look beautiful, and smell fantastic.

South Boundary Road
South Boundary Road

South Boundary Road runs from Mount Nebo down almost to The Gap.

It has some fun smooth descents, beautiful forests and raucous birds.

I always love riding this trail.

All up, 80km, 4,700kcal, and about 1,600m of ascent. On the tough-o-metre, this one gets 9 out of 10 because of the distance, and the climb up Camp Mountain.

Total distance: 80.12 km
Max elevation: 496 m
Min elevation: -12 m
Total climbing: 1669 m
Total descent: -1707 m
Average speed: 18.21 km/h
Total Time: 06:35:13
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